“investor” vgmc asal Asia yang marah

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hajjah norati

assalamualaikum, and good afternoon let me summaries everything what had happen here in vgmc and totally understand what happening now. Me now still in hong kong n still discuss what the scenario outside there happening. I here can assured all our investment now in process for ipo rather been freeze with the malaysian govt action on the law of mareva injunction which will be more worst. And this happen to geneva in singapore and malaysia. Actually what happen now vgmc had to step ahead from thier planning before been freeze. Now our investment is already with the pcef company to audit and check everybody account with further action on signing the self declaration form and with true certified copies endorse by the notary public hand over personally. This will be very soon inform by vgmc.
Ok what is exactly you all need to know.

1. All your credits balance been converted to your cps gold.
( done without shareholders permission, this is wrong move!)

2. There is no more unsubcribes and no more offer of cps gold shares.
( without shareholders permissio! Vgmc have always allowed unsubscription anytime & funds will be paid within 45 days, now sudden new game rules, you have made a big impact to victims who needs monthly $$$$. This is wrong of you to do this.)

3. No more of withdrawing or can do any gold trading.
( against the rules, you don’t change the rules like its your father’s company, you used shareholders money!)( without shareholders permission again)( people joined because you promised they can withdraw anytime and now to 1 x a month )

4. Those who join with minimum of 1000 will also been qualified for ipo.
( oh well…..me, my mom, my dad, my friends, my ex companies, my dog my cat also want to go ipo. Saying is one thing, doing is another! Anyone can claim going ipo. Everybody…come lets get an ipo! ( stands for – investors’ protection order !)

5. From this month onwards what we get on dividend will be automatically converts to shares price of 1.70 and for november too.

(your press release in may 2012 clearly said…. See below



virgin gold – growing stronger in 2012
may 2nd, 2012

dear shareholders, employees and partners:

The board of directors has consented to four (4) key landmark decisions for the company in our recent meeting. Since these are great decisions for virgin gold going forward, i am privileged to share them with all our shareholders, partners and employees.

One (1):
Virgin gold convertible preferred share (vgcps-gold) price will be increased by usd0.05 every month from june to december 2012.

June 2012 – usd1.55
july 2012 – usd1.60
august 2012 – usd1.65
september 2012 – usd1.70
october 2012 – usd1.75
november 2012 – usd1.80
december 2012 – usd1.85

the basis of a corporation is often reflected by its share price. Some shareholders may think that i or the board decides and dictates our cps-gold offered price. That is not true. The price is decided by the board upon recommendation by our internal and external auditors. Our cps-gold price is a true reflection of the net asset value (nav) of this corporation. We foresee that the cps-gold price will continue to be on the uptrend until we go public in a few years’ time.

Two (2):
A special ad-hoc committee headed by myself and assisted by mr. Elinger will study the possibility of increasing our contractual dividend with preferred shareholders. I can assure you that there will be good news come june 2012.

Three (3):
The same committee will also study the direct referral incentive and group performance bonus. Rest assured that there is only the possibility to give back more to the shareholders and no chance of reducing any payout.

Four (4):
Virgin gold mining corporation will undergo a corporate restructuring exercise over the next few months in order to support our global expansion and to further strengthen the structure of the company as part of public listing requirements. We will set up a few sister and subsidiary companies in various offshore jurisdictions. We are also studying the feasibility of relocating from panama to another offshore jurisdiction.

The board would like to take this opportunity to thank mr. Elinger and his executive team for their hard work and dedication in running this corporation. Without the support of everyone involved, including our preferred shareholders, this corporation would not have reached this level at such a tremendous speed.
Ricardo luigi oliviera
virgin gold mining corporation
6. By december every body can see the clear financial reports on all the activities of vgmc.
( we all have heard this before, all cheap talk, no action! )

7. Your shares value will increase by 10x.
(you have posted press releases and changing the game plan anytime you wish, same thing here, all talk, today grandmother story, tomorrow grandfather story, there’s proof, things have changed now isnt it from the initial agreement correct???)

8. Those who want to carry on by buying platinum may do so.
( if those who do not buy, you confiscate their money! How selfish & this is called cheating & stealing. If they dont want to buy, you must return their money because its their money!!)

9. Those who just want to wait for thier cps gold to be ipo, will just wait for 12-15.
( this is cheating & a crime! You are forcing shareholders to wait! You are not giving them a choice! You take their money & keep it for 12 to 15 months? Let people make their own choice to join pcef 15 months later then! If you are very confident to go ipo, then include this option! Its not your money, its people’s hard earned money! A lot are suffering now because they cannot take the monthly dividend that was promised by vgmc!
>>>>>>>> read again, promised by vgmc!!! )

10. By then if still want to go ipo can subsribes commonshares or unsubscribes all .
(you should allow 2 options for cps gold shareholders!
1. Option for them to unsubscribe now & return the money!
2. Choice to stay in pcef & if they made that choice, its their choice not yours!

11. Any enquiries still can ticket to vgmc to have more clear answer.
( ticket? You think this is a movie wanna get a ticket?? What nonsense you talking ???? A proper professional company will have a proper office facility with the website showing real staff real people real structure! Not superficial caucasian faces who you pay to be actors!!)

vgmc still operation as normal on platinum shares.
( this is where its very clear! You need more money because vgmc has cashflow problems! I pity all previous platinum shareholders. You are forcing people to top up . Forcing people to pay up more. To a scheme that has shown clear signs of collapse??? Aiyoh….that is so bad!)

watch out for the same end cycle again like now….
1. Dividend every month.
2. Referral bonus 10%
3. Trading platinum with no margin call, capital trading given by vgmc.
4. Malaysian new shareholder are not allow to join vgmc anymore.
5. But existing shareholder still can purchase credit top up and subscribes cps platinum.
Everything will be normal, and worries soon will also dissapears as time by. Vgmc will fullfill thier promise.
Just wait the miracles happen on 1st december.
the miracle is very obvious!

You have failed to fulfill your promise to cps gold shareholders !
Whats the promise?

Let us repeat to you :

Invest in cps gold shares & receive monthly dividends with the option to reinvest & compound, & withdraw credits at a higher return later.

The miracle could only be if you go back to the original system which made everyone happy !

Now it’s only october .

Come 1st december, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow!
Vgmc, you did the change to investors within a span of 2 days claiming system maintenance & auditing crap excuses!

You think people will believe you again now?

Let alone 2 months later, let alone 15 months later.

To the rest, please dont hate my post, i am stating facts & i am standing up for victims.

May god be with us!




Sudah nyata-nyata terbukti menipu, kok ya masih ada yang tidak merasa dirinya tertipu? Heran dengan kedahsyatan daya tipu dan daya racun dari virus vgmc ini!

Sudah nyata-nyata terbukti menipu, kok ya masih ada yang tidak merasa dirinya tertipu? [Ada beberapa gelintir orang aktivis vgmc yang masih bertahan pada pendirian bahwa bisnis yang benar adalah bisnis menjalankan vgmc beserta hantu (jelmaan) vgmc sesudahnya (karena saat ini vgmc sudah secara empiris berhenti beroperasi, semua klausa kesepakatan yang dulu sudah dihapus secara sepihak, untuk diganti dengan peraturan-peraturan dan ketentuan ketentuan baru).] Heran dengan kedahsyatan daya tipu dan daya racun dari virus vgmc ini! Apa kalau orang sudah mabok judi memang sedemikian sulitnya untuk direnovasi, direhabilitasi, dipulihkan, atau disembuhkan ya? Cara-cara VGMC itu (apalagi dengan cara membujuki orang-orang awam agar ikut berpartisipasi mengerahkan dananya, dan menyuruh-nyuruh menggadaikan surat tanah, hutang ke mana-mana, dsb) itu tidak ada ilmunya di fakultas bisnis dan ekonomika baik di UGM, UI, UNAIR, dan semua unversitas baik di Indonesia maupun di Luar negeri, he……. ayo, bangun dan tobat! Dan super anehnya, saya masih belum  melihat para korban penipuan di Indonesia yang “berani” lapor kepada pemerintah!!! Saya masih belum mendengar berita ini!!! Apakah mereka pada “ihlas” dan “rela” untuk menjadi korban scam vgmc ini ya? Heran! Selain itu, empati dari wakil pemerintah yang merespon penipuan vgmc ini juga belum saya dengar beritanya, apa pemerintah kita lagi sibuk kali ya?

HATI-HATI!!! Masih banyak dedengkot mantan VGMC yang berkeliaran di Indonesia!!! Waspadalah! Bersihkan lingkungan Anda dari para mantan dedengkot VGMC yang ingin menipu Anda tapi dengan cara baru, setelah cara-cara lama diingkari dan dilanggar oleh VGMC pusat sendiri dengan meruntuhkan korban yang berada di dasar piramida ponzi ….

Untuk suplemen dari sisi tinjauan secara ilmiyyah, coba lah mbok pada mau belajar dan baca ini lho:

[URGENT!] Berita hangat terbaru dari Panama Forum mengharuskan para member VGMC segera menarik uang dari kotak hitam VGMC atau kalau tidak uang mereka bakal amblas dalam waktu dekat

Tolong berita ini di-share kepada kawan-kawan kita di seluruh Indonesia yang saat ini masih mengikuti aktivitas VGMC. Kasihan mereka kalau tidak tahu, karena berita terbaru tentang vgmc ini penting banget. Terutama tolong diberitahukan kepada kawan-kawan yang ikut VGMC tapi mengalami kendala dalam menangkap berita dan info terbaru tentang VGMC dalam bahasa Inggris dari Panama Forum. Terima kasih.

Oya, kalau ingin share link lewat FB, twitter, atau SMS bisa juga dengan memakai singkatan ini:


URL singkatan tersebut tolong diforward kepada mereka, terutama yang mengalami kendala memahami bahasa Inggris. Thanks.

[URGENT!] Berita hangat terbaru dari Panama Forum mengharuskan para member VGMC segera menarik uang dari kotak hitam VGMC atau kalau tidak uang mereka bakal amblas dalam waktu dekat.

Saat untuk menarik kembali uang Anda adalah sekarang, atau uang Anda bisa hilang.

Diperlukan keberanian untuk membuat keputusan cepat, karena vgmc belakangan sudah bikin ulah berusaha menahan-nahan orang dari mengambil uangnya kembali dan dari mendapatkan kemenangan bulanan dari yang selama ini dijanji-janjikan. Kalau perusahaan itu bonafid, tidak akan perusahaan tersebut mudah berjanji, mudah bikin kesepakatan, untuk kemudian belakangan janji dan kesepakatan itu dilanggar secara SEPIHAK! Tapi ya dasar perusahaan scam, ponzi, bodong dan jadi-jadian, di usia mendekati kolaps biasanya “perusahaan”  tersebut akan menujukkan ciri-ciri khas nya.

Oke mana berita itu?

Sebenarnya keresahan warga vgmc sudah bisa saya baca dari banyak sekali comment yang masuk di blog ini, tapi karena saya malas saja memposting sebagian besar komentar warga vgmc, ya karena wong sudah diperingatkan dari dulu-dulu kok ya masih saja nekat, ya setiap keresahan keluh kesah yang masuk ke blog ini tidak / belum saya setujui untuk tampil di sini.

Ayo, kalau Anda-anda masih mencintai uang Anda, jangan sampai uang tersebut ditilep oleh VGMC dalam waktu dekat, ayo segera kabur atau uang Anda hilang begitu saja.

O ya, untuk back up dari berita di panama forum, beberapa attachment image di sana akan saya kopi di sini:

and the problems are starting.

bukti vgmc menipu dan penipuan sudah berada di ambang pintu

kemudian ini:

and meanwhile on Hajjah Norati’s facebok page, another concerned victim wrote :

bukti vgmc menipu dan penipuan sudah berada di ambang pintu 2

dan ini:

and another one. Looks like it’s going to collapse soon.

bukti vgmc menipu dan penipuan sudah berada di ambang pintu 3

Gejala mau kolaps sebuah sistem ponzi adalah dengan bikin ulah secara sepihak

Gejala mau kolaps sebuah sistem ponzi adalah bikin ulah secara sepihak…. membuat semacam gebrakan tiba-tiba yang sebetunya memberatkan para anggota normal yang sedang berjalan.

Demikian pula hal nya dengan VGMC, baru saja saya melihat ada ulasan menarik tentang trik ini di blog sebelah, silakan langsung meluncur ke blog sebelah: