Kronologi kehancuran scam ponzi VGMC

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Chronology of VGMC demise:

– Stooges come on this forum trying to promote VGMC yet fail to answer basic questions any reasonable investor would ask: Where is the gold? Where are the mines? Where are the financial statements? Why has no one seen any of the “officers” of VGMC? Why have at least three countries warned citizens that VGMC operates illegally? Where are the other 498 employees? Actions by various stooges that come on the forum only cause more questions and, without being able to answer basic questions, increasing conclusion by “investors” and prospective “investors” that VGMC is nothing but a Ponzi scheme marketed through MLM sales commission structure.

– VGMC struggles to keep the Ponzi scheme going so it does two things: (i) promises additional bonuses to stooges bringing in new investors and (ii) takes a series of steps to prevent cashing out, including increasing time to request redemption and limiting redemption to specified days (on which IT “maintenance” takes the site down).

– VGMC stooge hacks into mining equipment website and dopes up a webpage to make it appear VGMC is a customer; hack is easily revealed and VGMC gives up claim it owns equipment.

– VGMC touts its role as “cocktail sponsor” at upcoming MENA conference of legitimate mining companies; sponsor of event learns VGMC is a sham Ponzi scheme and kicks VGMC out of the event.

– VGMC sponsor sees the “end is near” and decides it’s time to abandon the Gold CPS and does so by telling the idiots that all Gold CPS paper (valueless, not backed by gold or any other asset) is “over” and suspends “dividends” and redemptions.

– VGMC makes a totally nonsensical series of “reorganizations” by which it unilaterally disclaims any further role or responsibility for Gold CPS; claiming they have been transferred to a BVI closed-end fund for “public offering” (and not on a registered stock exchange); no assets of any value actually exist; VGMC claims audits and other “paperwork” will delay trading until December 2013; in the meantime, Gold CPS units are no longer redeemable and are completely worthless.

– VGMC claims to now be a Belize-based organization; decries “gold is dead” and begins solely promoting platinum CPS through its network of stooges to a new bunch of victims; whether the name is too tarnished to continue with the new scam is unknown.

– Mafia-linked convicted felon Francisco Cimieri linked to VGMC and/or VG Resources.

– Threats of lawsuits and criminal action threatened by irate victims of VGMC fraud, although likelihood of success would be extremely remote due to lack of assets and uncertainty as to the sponsor(s) of the fraud.

– Despite this track record, stooges continue to promote platinum CPS to their friends and relatives throughout Asia, including in Malaysia and Singapore where the governments have declared VGMC illegal, and Dubai, U.A.E.

… nanti kalau sempet, akan diterjemah, untuk sementara, bisa minta tolong kepada Google translator, meski hasilnya tentu akan pating peletot.


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